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 Simonton's Cheese & Gourmet House originally started as Simonton Dairy Inc., by C.C. and Pauline Simonton in 1947. It was the first plant to produce pasteurized milk for bottling and home delivery in Cumberland County, Tennessee. Their first home deliveries began with only 6 quarts of milk.
 Over the next 40 years, this grew into one of the largest business in the county. As dairy farming grew, there was too much milk for bottling, thus the idea of a cheese plant evolved to take care of the surplus milk. Simonton Dairy Inc. became two businesses: a cheese factory and a milk and delivery business for Cumberland and four other counties. About 3,000 pounds of cheese a day was eventually made and sold to the Clearfield Cheese Company.
 The first hoops for gift cheese were sold to one of Crossville's prominent merchants as Christmas gifts for his employees. That first year about 50 gift cheeses were made. Each year the gift business increased and as people in other parts of the country received these delicious cheeses, they too ordered for their friends and family, beginning a mail order business larger than ever seemed possible.
 Now at Christmas time alone, thousands of three-pound hoops of Simonton's Cheddar are shipped or picked up in the cheese house to distribute to people all over the country and other parts of the world. We are proud of the fact that we have shipped our famous cheddar to the White House!
 In the last 30 years, a gourmet shop has been added to complement our world famous cheddar. We have one of the finest "Award Winning" cheese and gourmet shops in the south. Thus we changed our name to Simonton's Cheese and Gourmet House. Our products are selected from across the country at Gourmet and International Fancy Food shows. We pick only the finest award winning products , and they are made especially for us. We manufacture our own gourmet cheese balls, which are made with our famous naturally aged cheddar cheese and flavored with gourmet sauces.All of our fine products are available for shipping year round.
 In 2005, we were named one of the top 50 Gift Basket Companies in the USA!
 All of us at Simonton's Cheese & Gourmet House are committed to excellence in personal customer service and satisfaction and in providing only the finest quality gourmet products available at reasonable prices. We strive to make all your purchases, whether for yourself or as a gift, a pleasant experience.
 Without the good Lord above, and the finest people on earth, our customers, we would not have been able to stay in business since 1947.
  May God Bless You and Your Family!
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